Film photography can be like time travel.

My b&w negatives can be categorized into two groups: self and lab processed. The split occurs around 2006 or 2007. Everything before was developed and proof printed in a lab, everything else I did and most have contact sheets. Another difference is organization. Compared to the pre-2006 negatives, my more recent ones are immaculately organized. My earlier shots are a jumbled mess and often I get nervous when I have the urge to print one. The nerves come from the very real probability read more

Another wierd little feedback loop.

I was thinking about the previously mentioned feedback loop when I discovered another one. This one revolves around supplies. Pretty much the only way I can keep print prices low is to be an efficient printer. Efficient with time and money. A large component of this is inexpensive paper. This is generally previously owned. While there’s a good amount of nervousness about the supply of any aspect of analog photography, I particularly worry about the stock of usable previously owned read more