Interesting stocking stuffer for the film lover

If you’re looking for an interesting yet inexpensive photography book for the film lover in your life, let recommend Hotel Seventeen by Jörg Fokuhl. Channeling Stefon from SNL’s Weekend Update: it has hipsters, cyberpunks, fighting rooster tattoos, rockers, push buttons, and transvestites in leopard print. It’s mostly ring lit providing a very start, almost T-Dawg-esque rendering of its subjects. It was published in 2000 meaning it was shot in the 90’s and pretty much had to be film. Judging by the complete lack of grain I’d guess medium format at that. There’s a uniformity of style that really brings together the diverse subjects. I pick it up when I’m in the mood for something interesting to look at. Also, Hotel 17’s interior has been completely remodeled, so I feel a historical connection with the book. With used prices starting at $1.55, it’s a bargain.

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