Why I dislike the term “Ruin Porn”

My apologies that this went a little long, but there are pictures and (shameless plug) they’re all available as prints from me 🙂

First off, in full disclosure, I’m a Ruin “Pornographer”. I love shooting abandoned buildings and do so whenever I get the chance. Lately the term “Ruin Porn” is picking up steam and that bothers me. For a second, read more

All this technology doesn’t take a better picture.

Sigh, it’s really kind of sad. We have all of this wonderful technology surrounding image making and quite often it just gets in the way. Apparently it’s a US Navy tradition for one lucky sailor to have “The first kiss” when returning from deployment. For the first time ever,it was a homosexual couple kissing on December read more

Interesting stocking stuffer for the film lover

If you’re looking for an interesting yet inexpensive photography book for the film lover in your life, let recommend Hotel Seventeen by Jörg Fokuhl. Channeling Stefon from SNL’s Weekend Update: it has hipsters, cyberpunks, fighting rooster tattoos, rockers, push buttons, and transvestites read more

Help me win 30 rolls of film!

4 of my images have made it into the Semi-Finals and they need all the stars they can get!

Lake O’Neil

Lighthouse Staircase

Cookies? (Pinup)

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)


believeinfilm.com is running a contest and I have several images in the running:

 IR Shack

Lake O’Neil

EAP 1st grave

Cookies? (Pinup)

Old Cross Village Port


Buck Skull

She Knows You’re Looking (Pinup)

Whiskey Point Lighthouse

Rail Bolt

Lighthouse Stairway

Take a gander read more