Whoa! Sooper Pinup exposure on Veteran’s Day!

So I’m getting the most exposure ever in my life for my pinup work. The shots were submitted by Leena Allure to the Rebel Pinup Page. These military inspired pinups are blowin up on Veteran’s Day. I’m very honored. Extremely. I’m also told that my Grandfathers, both Army Air Corps vets would have loved these shots. 🙂 For anyone finding my site from these images, I’m going to break from the norm of only displaying film images and show off some more of my Digital pinup work.

Probably the most up to date place to see my pinup work is Deviant Art

I also keep a good amount of work on flickr.

Also if you’re a model and want to contact me about shooting pinups, Model Mayhem is the best place to do that.

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