Me on the net

This year during Photostock 2011, Matt Marrash interviewed me for a podcast he was doing on the event. Well the podcast is finally up and you can listen to it here:
My interview is a little past halfway through. For those interested, Photostock is a predominantly film event held yearly in Northern Michigan between Harbor Springs and Cross Village. It’s super awesome. You’ll see all kinds of people with all kinds of cameras. There were lots of people this year doing wet plate collodion photos, a process that reached it’s peak in popularity around the US Civil War! It’s a really chill atmosphere and even digital shooters are welcome. For more information see http://photostock2011.com/ (2012 will be up shortly so I’m told)

Here’s a bit of weirdness from the web:
They totally grabbed my Lucha Bride pic off my flickr! Not only that but am I the only person that can the difference between a S&M mask and a Mexican wrestling mask? Finally it’s a flaming mic tattoo that I’m proud was inspired by this shot of the same model: