Back from a brief hiatus!

This always happens to me. If I need to mix up more than one chem I start to put off printing and before you know it a month has gone by and I haven’t produced squat. Combine that with school being out but daycare not picking up yet and if I could produce less than squat I probably would have. Well, the best way to get myself out of that rut is to sign up for something! Yup, I’m going to have a canopy and prints for sale at Saginaw’s Jazz on the Jefferson event this Wednesday (June 8th). I’ve popped out 6-8 new prints including some pinups, some actual retro pinups, a couple of abstract prints, and some scenic work. I have one more night to print (tonight) and I hope to do up a Holga shot of Big Ben, maybe another NOLA Oaks shot, or perhaps the Beaver Island Jail or Southern Lighthouse, maybe deer skulls again, and hopefully another vintage pinup or two. That’s a lot to accomplish in 2-4 hours and I never know if something will catch my eye and make me think “Screw that I’m printing THIS!” Tuesday I’m planning on mounting, labeling, bagging prints up for sale, planning displays, etc. I still have some inventory from the last Art Market so I shouldn’t be going totally crazy.

I’ll be scanning some of the new prints and putting them up on Etsy, so look for them in the side bar of the main page!