Roller coaster

These last couple months have had some ups and downs. The Bearinger Boys could no longer host the Sunday night Open Mic nights at the Pub and it was a bit of an end of a mini-era. A fun one at that. A consequence has been that I haven’t seen some of my friends as often as I wish, but I’ve been trying to be around and stay in touch. I did manage to catch them doing what they do at White’s Bar last Saturday and boy did they bring it! Check out my youtube channel (button in right column) to enjoy some of their music.

The Art Market was mostly awesome. I found out I actually did pretty well. I was looking forward to the next one in July. Unfortunately The Court St. Gallery closed and with it went the July Art Market. There is a group interested in seeing if it can be resuscitated, and I’m one of the interested parties. On the one hand I’m excited to organize such an event, on the other it could be daunting enough I’m not sure I want to do it. More research to see if it’s something I want to take on is necessary. Many thanks and best wishes to the Pedinis for contributing so richly to the art community in Saginaw.

Also the Saginaw Artists’ Critique group has been on hiatus for a little. I’ve heard that we may resume again shortly. I missed the last Saginaw Artists’ Guild meeting too. I forget exactly why but something else was conflicting with it time wise.

Wedding bookings are down. Waaaay down. Honestly I want a break from chasing them. Advertising, pushing you services, meeting clients, sending price quotes and other correspondence, sales, marketing, follow through, it all takes a lot of time and effort. I love shooting weddings and look forward to the ones I’m shooting this coming year. I just need a break from chasing that particular dragon. If any weddings come my way I’d love to take them on, especially for friends or family. Lots of other areas look enticing and may reinvigorate my apatite for the quest.

I sold a big print! It’s a 16×20 matted down to a 14×18, but it sold for a reasonable price at the Magic Bean Cafe. The current installation based on urban decay and is ending at the end of the month. I got a call from the art coordinator and the next show is based on raising awareness about need. I was asked if I have any photos pertaining to this subject matter and I managed to find two photos that I’m in the process of printing that will be up May 1st. Also I here there may be some plans for my work being on display at the Red Eye sometime this year!

I also obtained a canopy off ebay. I had my sights on a Walmart canopy for art shows that was $260 but unfortunately they sold out before I grabbed one. The one I got is supposed to be made of more durable materials, and has an awning and sign but was $20 more. Now I just need to apply for some art fairs! (any suggestions are welcome!) It looks nice and I’ll be setting it up for its maiden voyage for our annual garage sale:
My new canopy

I’m expanding! Well at least in the scope of what I do. If you haven’t guessed already, I really love pinup photography. Recently I discovered you find and purchase actual 40-60’s pinup negatives on ebay and I’m in the process of amassing a small collection which I intend to print.

I know it’s probably mostly internal pressure, but I feel like I’m not spending enough time in the darkroom. It’s a little tough to get started and speaking with other artists it sounds like a common problem. It takes 15min to set up and another 15min to tear down so if you don’t have 2 hours in between, it’s almost pointless. The only chunks of time I have like that on a regular basis are at night when the fam is sleeping, but then I spend all morning asleep on the couch with the kids, which isn’t the best situation. This summer I should have two childless afternoons per week so maybe that’ll help.