Intax TLR? Sweet!

MiNT has released the Instaflex, a true TLR instant camera that uses Instax film. It has a lot of great features, like aperture auto exposure, 4 F stops to pick from, bulb setting, flash, real ground glass to focus on, etc. The major bummer is the $319 price tag.

PDExposure’s review of MiNT’s Instaflex, TLR Instax camera

Check out MiNT’s site to learn more or purchase:

Rollei up for auction.

The factory that made Rollei’s venerable twin lens reflex and SLR cameras is up for auction. The article notes that, while the company name may live on like Polaroid’s has, this is most likely the end of the line for a great name in camera manufacturing. I’m lucky enough to have one of their cameras a 1960s T3 F3.5. It was my grandfather’s. Though the article doesn’t mention it, Rollei also made (or at least distributed) film. If I had to venture a guess I’d read more