Jeff Blandford

Jeff Blandford’s Exhibit at the Saginaw Art Museum

Jeff Blandford is a ceramicist with an eye for the unusual. While he’s certainly know for throwing some very large works, I was intrigued by th differentness of his work and the creative way it was displayed. I took my grandfather’s Rollei T3 (F3.5) and a tripod to The Saginaw Art Museum and shot a roll of Tri-X 400 film. It’s not often something this enigmatic comes to town and I’m really glad I was able to catch it!

My Saginaw Art Museum Exhibit

Earlier this year my work was exhibited in a show of local artists. Here’s what my 13 16x20s look like in a museum!

I was in the local news

I’ll have 13 16×20 pieces of urbex/rurex, scenic, and pinups in The Saginaw Art Museum’s “Art 4 All” exhibit March 23rd – May 20th.

Art 4 All lives up to its name at the Saginaw Art Museum