Motel Pinup 4

Motel Pinup 4

Link is to uncensored version

This is a slight departure from the rest of the Motel Pinup mini-series. Usually I try to incorporate retro lingerie to help define the genre I’m working in and that’s absent from this shot. While shooting in this kitschy motel room I noticed these snow shoes could look like wings with a person between them. The idea for this shot came in a sort of stream-of-consciousness. I asked the model what she though and she liked the idea. The image has a fairy

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Developing Your Own Film – KISS

Mark F. O’Brien, Guest Blogger

KISS- Keep It Simple, Stupid. A piece of advice that was often used by engineers. I first learned how to develop my own b&w film in the early 1970s, as I was in an informal photo class in my high school. My first self-developed film was Kodak Plus-X from my Instamatic camera, and yes, i still have those negatives. It would be another 25 years before I was developing my own film again, and that first whiff of fixer brought it all back to me. Enthused

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puddle reflection

Always carrying a film camera leads to bigger insights.

There are some people who carry a non-phone camera at all times. Some of those people carry film cameras. I wanted to be more like latter group so I made a New Years’ resolution to carry a film camera more often. Maybe not all the time, but definitely more regularly. Even if it’s just a point and shoot!

It’s been mostly successful though I’m not necessarily shooting a lot more. There’s still room to have a camera on me more often.

The purpose of this experiment is

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Holly Hock’s Burlesque Routine at Rumbleville 2016

all you have to do is start

The notes photographers write ourselves. 

As a photographer I take a lot of notes. Most are regarding print exposures and aren’t that interesting. Here’s one on a camera back that jammed that I later thought was a bit amusing.

I put up a dollar store white board in my Darkroom so I can keep track of ToDos. You might not think there’d be much to keep track of but some stuff you might forget until it bites you in the rear. Don’t want to get all excited to start a developing session only to realize there’s no

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Pinup Hearts

Leena Allure’s Burlesque at Rumbleville 2016

I’ve shot pinup with Leena Allure for a while now. She’s always awesome to work work with and she truly enjoys and embodies the genre. She picked up Burlesque dance a few years ago but this was the first time I’ve been able to see her perform at the new Rumbleville grand opening. Great work!

.45cal Pinup

Rumbleville Grand Opening!

Rumbleville Underground Clothing is having it’s grand opening celebration this weekend. The feature vintage and retro clothing and accessories as well as other oddities and fun items that anyone in or near the PschoBilly/Rockabilly/Greaser/Pinup/Rat rod/Biker/retrosexual/etc lifestyle would love! For the grand opening I was asked if I had any prints I’d like featured at their store. I just dropped off 38 5×7 prints and 62 matted 8×10 prints!

Saturday June 11 from 12:30pm

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