Roller coaster

These last couple months have had some ups and downs. The Bearinger Boys could no longer host the Sunday night Open Mic nights at the Pub and it was a bit of an end of a mini-era. A fun one at that. A consequence has been that I haven’t seen some of my friends as often as I wish, but I’ve been trying to be around and stay in touch. I did manage to catch them doing what they do at White’s Bar last Saturday and boy did they bring it! Check out my youtube channel (button in read more

Here’s where I art.

I did a quick video tour of my darkroom for anyone who’s interested. It’s where I spend hours making all my b&w prints.

I urbex.

Rare evidence that I do urbex on occasion 🙂

Didn’t take this one, but I’m in it!

Ok, I’m an artist.

I’ve always been reluctant to call myself an artist.  Possibly because it implies some level of pretension.  More likely because for a long time I was just a guy having fun with a camera.  Art implies a bit of a deeper meaning to me.  Quietly over the years, deeper meaning has been creeping in, sometimes completely unintentionally.

My photographic art revolves around two  themes.  The first is the entropy of man made structures.  Nature makes a pretty wrecking ball and there’s read more