James and the Giant Creeper

Ever have someone react to your work in a way that makes you go “Wha-wha-wha-what?!?” This happened to me a couple of days ago on a semi-public forum. I posted this image:

Just as a sanity check for me, go ahead and associate four words or phrases with this image and/or its contents. Feel free to put them in the comments if you like.

Four things the Creeper saw:
A “willing victim”
A “sacrificial altar”
An “erect phallus”
The read more

360mainstreet.com picked up the Magic Bean exhibit

360mainstreet.com did a little writeup about the exhibit I’m a part of at the Magic Bean Cafe. Check it out!

Here’s where I art.

I did a quick video tour of my darkroom for anyone who’s interested. It’s where I spend hours making all my b&w prints.

Pinups for sale!

Finally got some of the pinups I debuted at the Saginaw Art Market up on Etsy!

I urbex.

Rare evidence that I do urbex on occasion ūüôā

Didn’t take this one, but I’m in it!

Catching up

Lots going on in the last week. First off, I had my first ever Art Market. Put on by the Court Street Gallery whom I’d like tho thank (a lot) for producing the event. Here’s my art table, music provided by John Vasquez.

That same day I had 6 pieces go up at the Magic Bean Cafe (State St, Saginaw) as part of their Urban Decay exhibit:

Also I’ve started read more

Ok, I’m an artist.

I’ve always been reluctant to call myself an artist. ¬†Possibly because it implies some level of pretension. ¬†More likely because for a long time I was just a guy having fun with a camera. ¬†Art implies a bit of a deeper meaning to me. ¬†Quietly over the years, deeper meaning has been creeping in, sometimes completely unintentionally.

My photographic art revolves around two  themes.  The first is the entropy of man made structures.  Nature makes a pretty wrecking ball and there’s read more