Back from a brief hiatus!

This always happens to me. If I need to mix up more than one chem I start to put off printing and before you know it a month has gone by and I haven’t produced squat. Combine that with school being out but daycare not picking up yet and if I could produce less than squat I probably would have. Well, the best way to get myself out of that rut is to sign up for something! Yup, I’m going to have a canopy and prints for sale at Saginaw’s Jazz on the Jefferson event this Wednesday read more

Roller coaster

These last couple months have had some ups and downs. The Bearinger Boys could no longer host the Sunday night Open Mic nights at the Pub and it was a bit of an end of a mini-era. A fun one at that. A consequence has been that I haven’t seen some of my friends as often as I wish, but I’ve been trying to be around and stay in touch. I did manage to catch them doing what they do at White’s Bar last Saturday and boy did they bring it! Check out my youtube channel (button in read more

James and the Giant Creeper

Ever have someone react to your work in a way that makes you go “Wha-wha-wha-what?!?” This happened to me a couple of days ago on a semi-public forum. I posted this image:

Just as a sanity check for me, go ahead and associate four words or phrases with this image and/or its contents. Feel free to put them in the comments if you like.

Four things the Creeper saw:
A “willing victim”
A “sacrificial altar”
An “erect phallus”
The read more picked up the Magic Bean exhibit did a little writeup about the exhibit I’m a part of at the Magic Bean Cafe. Check it out!

Here’s where I art.

I did a quick video tour of my darkroom for anyone who’s interested. It’s where I spend hours making all my b&w prints.

Pinups for sale!

Finally got some of the pinups I debuted at the Saginaw Art Market up on Etsy!

I urbex.

Rare evidence that I do urbex on occasion 🙂

Didn’t take this one, but I’m in it!