Leena Allure shoot, digital preview

On Saturday I had a shoot with the always awesome Leena Allure. I shot 5 rolls of Fuji Neopan Acros as wll as about 500 digital shots. We started with a film-noir-meets-pinup idea I came up with. Transitioned that into a remake of The Machine Shop’s logo (not pictured below). Then we did a hear/Valentines Day set before finishing with a Halloween/witch themed set. It was EPIC. We worked for about 4hrs total. Here are some digital priviews read more

Art, naked people, and porn: The Great Debate, Fashion and Glamor

What’s the difference between fashion and glamor? Anyone? Bueller? Fashion sells something, clothes, jewelry, perfume, hand bags, shoes, etc. Glamor (or glamour) sells the person, typically a woman but not always.

Glamor was born out of the 30-40’s Hollywood actors portraits. Often need for promotional materials, magazine interviews and the like, this type of portraiture was different. Traditional portraiture seeks to reveal a person’s character or inner self through their read more

Me on the net

This year during Photostock 2011, Matt Marrash interviewed me for a podcast he was doing on the event. Well the podcast is finally up and you can listen to it here:
My interview is a little past halfway through. For those interested, Photostock is a predominantly film event held yearly in Northern Michigan read more

Art, naked people, and porn: The great debate. A multi part series.

Lots of times I see people posting a comment on an image onin a thread that starts out “I don’t want to start and art vs porn debate but…” Well lets put on the adult pants and have that debate like civilized people. It’s one worth having and there are very interesting places to explore in the discussion.

I think the easiest definition of art and porn correlate with mind and body. Art inspires thought and porn elicits arousal. The problem comes in the grey area read more

Fixed Chicken Curry Recipe

This recipe started from following the Sweet Potatoe Chicken Curry recipe found here: http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=503634
Only problem with that recipe is, it’s broke. If you follow it you’ll end up eating the most enemic curry of your life (3 tsp of curry seasoning! srsly?). Either no one acutally bothered to taste this recipe or the originator has crappy taste in Indian food. For me curries are supposed to taste almost aromatic. They’re read more

I can also write :-)

Luckily, because my parents truly valued education, I can write a pretty decent op-ed:
Now as then; 360mainstreet.com

I’m down with OPP

And by “OPP” I mean Other People’s Pinups! 😛 Lately I’ve been collecting original vintage negatives, and printing pinups and risque photos from them. The negatives are pretty easy to find on ebay and often sell for anywhere from a couple bucks to over $300 for a single negative depending who it’s of or who took them (Bettie Page negs fetch around $300 for example). I’m not rich enough for the expensive negs but there is some really cute work available read more