My Saginaw Art Museum Exhibit

Earlier this year my work was exhibited in a show of local artists. Here’s what my 13 16x20s look like in a museum!

Up at Thunder Brew!

I have 9 or so 16×20’s hanging up in the new ThunderBrew Coffee Company in Bay City, MI! It’s looking good.

Arangement and Photos by Jason Armstrong

Also I’ve updated (within the last few weeks anyways) my prints at Pasong’s and I signed myself up to do a solo show at The Red Eye Coffee House starting July 26th! In the mean time I have over 20 rolls of film to develop spanning the gamut from pinup to urbex and landscapes. Gotta get busy!

The last chili recipe you’ll ever need.

I originally started with this recipe: http://www.chilirecipes.org/worldsbestchili.html and modified it to suit my tastes and shorten the prep and cooking time. Total prep and cook time is approx 2hrs.

2/3 rds Cup Water
3 splashes of Vinegar
1/2 a bag of frozen chopped bell pepper
1/2 a bag of frozen chopped onion
4 Jalapeno Peppers, Chopped
3 Cans Beans, Your Choice [Pinto, Black, Red, White, Kidney] rinsed/drained
2 Large Cans Diced
read more

Film photography can be like time travel.

My b&w negatives can be categorized into two groups: self and lab processed. The split occurs around 2006 or 2007. Everything before was developed and proof printed in a lab, everything else I did and most have contact sheets. Another difference is organization. Compared to the pre-2006 negatives, my more recent ones are immaculately organized. My earlier shots are a jumbled mess and often I get nervous when I have the urge to print one. The nerves come from the very real probability read more

Another wierd little feedback loop.

I was thinking about the previously mentioned feedback loop when I discovered another one. This one revolves around supplies. Pretty much the only way I can keep print prices low is to be an efficient printer. Efficient with time and money. A large component of this is inexpensive paper. This is generally previously owned. While there’s a good amount of nervousness about the supply of any aspect of analog photography, I particularly worry about the stock of usable previously owned read more

The artists’ treadmill

Sometimes it feels like I’m on an infinite feedback loop. I need money so I can buy film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, bags, and space at art/craft shows. In order to make more money I need to sell prints which requires inventory. Inventory requires film, photo paper, chemicals, mats, backing boards, and bags. I need to sell prints so I can buy more materials to make more prints to sell.

I was in the local news

I’ll have 13 16×20 pieces of urbex/rurex, scenic, and pinups in The Saginaw Art Museum’s “Art 4 All” exhibit March 23rd – May 20th.

Art 4 All lives up to its name at the Saginaw Art Museum