Everything old is new again.

Well, not everything. Just a couple things are renewed. The first is that I’ve been made an admin of the group “Darkroom Portraits” on flickr dedicated to depiction of darkrooms old and new. I haven’t been too active on flickr in a long time. I’ve let my absurdly cheap “Pro” status lapse for about 2 years now, though I’m thinking of getting read more

So ya wanna get started shooting film?

Shooting film is a beautiful thing. Luckily people have been doing it for a century so as a medium film has been adapted to all levels of skill, interest, devotion, and economic means. This rabbit hole is deep but the hurdles to getting started are low. All it *really* takes is a thrift store/garage sale/parents’ junk drawer camera, a roll of film, and a nearby Walmart. As cool as they are you don’t really *need* a Lomo camera. If you just want to stick your toe in the film water read more

Things Change, I’ve changed

I’ve been a photographer of one sort or another since 2001. When I started I dreamed about becoming a professional photographer. It was all rosy colored speculation. I worked for other photographers and studios and that was GREAT, I loved it. Decent money, not that you could live off of, but great supplemental income. That all came to an end in 2008 when the economy ground to a near halt. I started out on my own. I hated it. To get a solid start as a photographer you have read more

Latest Pinups to roll out of my darkroom

Still chugging along here. Here’s some of the latest pin up prints I’ve worked up.

80s sheer mirror pinup
Roberta Pedon Pinup
Hardly Working Office Pinup
Bijou Framed

Marketing for Artists and Creatives

No I don’t have any special insights on marketing for creatives and artists. I’m not particularly good at marketing. I have a Facebook page with 50-some followers, a Twitter account with 252 followers, and a read more

A dream without action will remain just that.

A dream without action will remain just that. I don’t know who said that, and there are many variations but it is absolutely 100% true. The other day I did an art market/arts and crafts show. The weather (snow) put a damper on it, but I still sold a little. I noticed a trend this go around. A lot of people seemed eager to talk with me about how they, or a close family member was once “into photography”, they tell me about the 35mm cameras they once owned, or maybe even a read more

Film isn’t dead

It just smells funny! 🙂 It’s true, it’s not dead yet, but there are still too many players on the field to consider any one producers of analog photography supplies as “thriving”. There’s still a ton of speculation and rumor going on about what Kodak’s bankruptcy means for film shooters and Efke recently quit the game. Anyways here’s a story about those still hanging on to film in NYC.