Freestyle is sending out its last printed catalog.

Freestyle Photo recently announced via email that its next catalog will be its last.

I guess it’s to be expected as it’s been a trend across multiple industries. Keh ditched their print catalog a couple years ago. Anyone remember those ginormous Computer Shopper magazines of the 1980s and 90s? Now they’re long gone. According to Eric Joseph, Senior Vice President:

“We absolutely remain committed and dedicated to traditional photography and continue to find ways to not only keep products available, but also as affordable as possible. Producing a printed read more

I feel sooo….

Hmmmm….. What’s the word? LUCKY! I just received brick of 35mm Lucky SHD 100 ISO film via Hong Kong airmail. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Lucky film you’re not alone.

Lucky film is manufactured in China by the China Lucky Film Corporation. Founded in 1958 this company now makes a variety of products besides film. Their film is mostly marketed to markets in Asia but have found a cult following here in the US.

For a long time Lucky film had a stigma that it the read more

Without local artists…

There would be no national artists!

I made this some time ago based off a sticker I saw that saw a that said the same thing about musicians. I was thinking about it, and how many national (visual) artists can you name?

I could name a couple dozen probably, but like art. I’m into it so I don’t know if I’m representative of the general public much in that respect.

Culture, they call it; it distinguishes them from the goatherds. -Frederick Neitzche, Thus Spake Zarathustra

Neitzche believed that culture was the combination read more

Photostock 2015 Report

If you follow pretty much any of my profiles or this blog, you know I’m really big on Photostock, the annual Northern Michigan, mostly analog (chemical) photography meet up.

This year’s was awesome! I saw some great friends that I’ve met over the last 8 years and made some new ones all sharing the passion of film photography and alt process. Every year is different and this year was no exception. There were a range of great presenters, I got to see Bill Schwab’s brand read more

Useable Images from the Holga 120Pan!

Woohoo! I got my first printable negatives out of my Holga 120Pan. I got this camera a couple of years ago. I’ve since run about 6-7 rolls through it, some iso 100, one 400, one roll of ilford Delta 3200. This is Tri-X 400, shot with the camera in B mode using a lazy click-click on the shutter release. The roll of 3200 shot at the same location but with the Holga’s one shutter speed came out too thin. Still thicker than most rolls but definitely sub-optimal. I’m wondering if read more

Rough Week in the Darkroom

And I didn’t even print! Well it all started with Photostock (which was awesome!). See I got this enlarger from the Bannows, an awesome film photography couple who were moving and downsizing their formidable enlarger collection. I got free-to-a-good-home an Omega D5. Originally I thought they said it was a D2 but after some research, no, it’s definitely a D5. I stuffed it an a bunch of other spoils in my Jeep Cherokee and read more

Print your pictures!

I was originally told this by an antique photo collector about 5 years ago, give or take. She was literally afraid that in the future collecting photos might become impossible. Her reasoning was that lots of people collect photos; fewer collect negatives, and fewer yet of the negatives are ever printed. There’s next to no hope of future photo collectors going through old hard drives to look for your pictures. All the stuff stored online is mostly stored by a company, Yahoo for Flickr, Amazon/Apple/Microsoft/Google read more