inside the contemporary

365 Update and A Color 220 film was chosen!

Ok, so the Photo-a-day 365 project has gotten a little derailed. I made it a full month before my life finally caught up with me. I still sputtered a long and I’m still averaging more film photos taken than ever! Eager to make this work and keep it going I’m switching to A-rol-per-month which I’m already ahead of.

Obviously this wouldn’t be a shot per day for say 6×9 120 (8 shots) but it could be more that a shot a day with a 36exp roll of 35mm film. For the purposes of this project I’m considering 4 4×5 shots to be a roll to help include some large format as is covers the same area!

Also Kodak Portra 160NC narrowly edged out Portra 800 to be the next roll of 220 I shoot! I also have a C-41 kit on the way So I mat try some color processing soon! Fun times.

Because no post is complete without a photo, here’s a shot from inside The Contemporary at Disney World, I think shot with my Olympus XA before it’s shutter button stopped working.

inside the contemporary
inside the contemporary

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