Saginaw Art Museum Gardens

The Saginaw Art Museum is a really unique place in Saginaw, Michigan. It’s run by a handful of dedicated individuals who truly believing in bring art to the public and preserving it for future generations. I used to work part time here and still help out with exhibit prep as needed. The gardens are maintained by a team of volunteers and maintain the Italianate tradition as close as possible to the original garden from the early 1900s.

Saginaw Art Museum Gardens 2016
Saginaw Art Museum Gardens 2016

I believe this was shot with the Konica BigMini with the fixed 35mm lens. All the images seem wide-ish. While it could have been the Olympus XA based on the subject matter I don’t think so. I usually carried the XA when I specifically wanted a small film camera. I carry the fixed lens Big Mini all over the place. The film is certainly Kodak XX (5222)

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