Boatload of cult film!

Recently this article on the nostalgia and cult brand of Kodak popped up on my radar. It’s an older article that talks about how Kodak refused to cannibalize their analog market with digital and that being their undoing. When the headline caught my attention my first thought was that Kodak isn’t a cult brand, it was like Coca Cola to Fuji’s Pepsi. I thought “if you want a cult film brand, try Efke!”

Then I thought, “Hmmm wonder if anyone is selling Efke on eBay?” Well look what I just received for a mere $5/roll shipped!

Eke KB100
Eke KB100

What’s so cool about Efke film? Why the cult status? Well, Efke first came out with their black and white emulsions in the 1950s and they changed very little throughout the company’s life. High silver content, single coating, wide latitude, creamy tonality, it was awesome film! Like shooting in the heyday if Hollywood glamor. I shot my very first Pinup shoot with a mixture of mostly Efke and a little Tmax and loved the look. I’ll be looking to set up some pinup shoots to use this up!

Eke Pinup
Eke Pinup

Granted it expired in 2010, but that’s practically brand new for black and white film. Plus the previous owner claimed it was freezer stored. Sadly Efke ceased manufacturing film in 2012 when the coating machine broke and it was too costly to fix it.

If you would like to hop on a similar good deal check out this seller. He’s in Croatia where Efke was manufactured. I did not order from him but someone else here in the US. I’m not affiliated with the seller, he’s just offering it at about half what you’d pay elsewhere.

If overseas sellers creep you out, try the Lomography store where they have a couple varieties.

Note that the iso 25 film is $75/10 rolls Get it while you can, they’re not making any more!

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